The Artist Hines is a full time artist living and painting in Sausalito, California. Hines began as a pencil artist but in 1994 he began exploring painting. By 2000, bored with the rigidity of representational painting Hines became interested in abstraction and began studying works from the New York school of abstract expressionism particularly the artists Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman and Franz Kline.

In 2003 Hines moved to the Bay area to be with his now wife, Dinene. He joined the Artists Guild of San Francisco and began regularly exhibiting his abstract paintings. His abstract paintings evolved to include mixed medium, collage, figurative abstraction and what he terms “intuitive painting.

“Boundless Color”
In June of 2010 responding to changes in his personal life and wishing to return to a more classical approach to painting, Hines decided to abandoned texture and focus on color and expressive brushstrokes. The edges in his paintings softened or disappeared at the same time he began to intensify and expand his range of colors. The style of these new paintings is ethereal having an atmospheric, sometimes celestial feel to them, reminiscent of J. W. Turner. Hines’ approach to color and blending creates beautiful transitions of colors while his flowing brushstrokes express the spontaneity of emotion and movement.