Evaristo Alguacil

The Mediterranean reveals its light and color and form in ephemeral ways, and Spanish artist, Evaristo Alguacil, from the port city of Villajoisa, renders them in Valencia's coastal inlands and seascapes like no other. Alguacil depicts the curve of the plowed field, the warp and weave of meadow flowers, and the diffuse ripple of sea with the vibrant colors of nature. What ultimately come through the artist's oils are the natural rhythms and customs of his beloved Spain.


Alicante's coastline and its importance to the region of Valencia is the vibrant context for many of Alguacil's maritime and countryside themes. Commercial fishing vessels, ports, beaches, and sailboats are reflected in the ever changing Mediterranean waters. Alguacil is drawn to water. Legendary for his technique with the pallete knife, the painter treats the New York waterline and the Brooklyn Bridge with same expertise as the Duoro River winding under the famous bridge leading across to Oporto, Portugal.
Alguacil uses thin slabs of marble as palettes where he makes his color decisions and then layers in extraordinary textures, giving his scenes vibrancy and dimension. His work has been described as brilliant, audacious, honorable, and forceful. The adjective and accolades continue to evolve in a career that spans over thirty years.


Evaristo Alguacil, like generations of famous Spanish poets, captures the deepest spirit of Spain. His signature girasoles, the famous sunflower fields of the Levant, turn above the canvas as they follow the sun's path across the sky. Fishing boats waver in the oscillating reflections of Alicante's ports under bleached, scorching swirls of blue Mediterranean skies.
Even as Alguacil evolves and works in different genres and in different settings, he always bases himself in his mountains and fields and waters. His Venetian scenes are highly sought after by collectors because of the feeling, the movement, and the light. And, of course, Evaristo's oils exude what only can be described as pure alegria - not a purely Spanish emotion, but one for which Spaniard's are famous. His prolific work ethic and rare talent have made Evaristo Alguacil one of Spain's  most important artists.